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Full Biography

With his cinematic influences, cartoon like changing voices and a dramatic varied Hip-Hop style, many of Blake Worrells' European fans have dubbed him, "The Frank Zappa of HipHop". The excitement you'll feel at his live shows owes to the originality and playfulness he infuses into the music.

Originally from Los Angeles, he is currently based mostly in Berlin, performing live shows throughout Europe. He still travels often to his home town in Los Angeles, keeping a balance of one foot in each continent sparking his inspirations and creativity. Raised as an only child of multi-cultural artist parents who traveled the world relocating with great frequency, he lived in the most secluded areas of Mexico, fishing for food and collecting rainwater, to all the way to Barcelona where he witnessed the gothic city grow to an Olympic metropolis.
Finally returning to Los Angeles in the 90's, his father disappeared and left his mother to deal with the surprises to come. In his early years, Blake had grown up very active and happy. Although he moved around so much, he was always able to make new friends in new places. Music was always a strong anchor in his life, playing piano and composing, singing in a school choir giving performances around the city. He later learned to play drums and had a band in school he played with until he decided to stop everything and take his life on a different route.
Childhood memories of his father had Blake growing into his teens with something to prove to himself. Suddenly he could be seen in the darkest parts of the city, cruising with a notorious group that collaborated with anything but music. His artistic talents were all fused with anger and frustration, at best he wielded a can of spray paint, at worst, he still wont say.

Finally after several life threatening experiences and brushes with the law, he decided it was time to change. Blake tried to keep away from the pressures of the LA streets, but this 2 meter tall well built Brazilian/Italian is anything but low key. After one last horrific experience on the streets, he locked himself indoors with a keyboard, paper and pen-suddenly he was reborn.
He began to love the peace he created indoors in his world, composing night and day, working part time jobs, communicating only with family and very close friends. After gaining an interest in sound design through his uncle, he would watch, learn and soon assist in jobs. Blake's growing enthusiasm led him to persuade Roger Corman's Concorde Productions to hire him and he became one of the youngest employees ever to work in the sound department. He went on to composing and editing music for film and television. One series in particular, "HIgh Speed Chase Pursuits", later became a cult classic TV series recognized as one of the first to showcase techno music on national television, and receive and award.

In 2000, Blake was offered a job in Potsdam, Germany, editing sound for a children's 3D animated series. Without thinking , he packed his bags and was off to a new beginning. After finishing the job , before returning home, he went to nearby Berlin to play live with a couple of his new friends. After only a couple live shows, Blake was sure that Berlin was the place to be to grow his creativity. He returned to LA to pack the rest of his belongings and was off to New York to stay with his mother a few months before starting his new life.
Unfortunately, it was the beginning of September of 2001 and Blake arrived to that disaster. Within days, he found himself at ground zero helping to feed the firemen and cleaning up at the temporary floating restaurant set up for them. Once again, the outside chaos, forced Blake indoors and headphones on he began his escape. He also ventured into the city, growing with it, seeing it come back to life after the shock, selling his cd's on the street collecting enough money to get back to Berlin.

Blake has now been a resident in the German capital for over ten years, nine of which he's been a member of the Electro/HipHop group Puppetmastaz. Blake Worrell has now played more than 1,000 live shows throughout Europe, touching more than a quater million fans.

Blake has opened shows for well known hip-hop icons like: Machine Gun Kelly, Brother Ali, Cypress Hill, Busdriver, Dope D.O.D., Jeru the Damaja, Tha Alkaholiks, Lords Of The Underground, The Beatnuts, DJ Q-Bert, Paris, Subtitle, Bleubird, Da Flexiblez and of course his own group PuppetMastaz.
He has been seen on stage with many known acts like MF DOOM, BusDriver, DJ Q-Bert, Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop (MPM Rec.), DJ Craft (Royal Bunker/Universal) Le Peuple de l'Herbe (Discograph), Tribeqa (Underdog Records) , DubFX (U.K.), M.A.P. (Pias Recordings), Da Flexiblez (Berlin Massive), ManiacX (Booster Prod/PIAS), Akanni (Mellowbag), Bleubird (Endemik Music), Subtitle (B.E.A.R. / Briefcase Rockers Ltd.), K-Chico (Festplatten & Rundlauf Musik), ZhiMC (Asian Trouble Tribe), Citizens Intrnational (C.I.T.), Girls United (Berlin), Jayrope (Berlin) and Automat (Berlin).

After taking a break from his group the PuppetMastaz, Blake was more active than ever recording on numerous collaborations, 2 albums, numerous radio shows interviews and not to mention building up a new fan base on his solo tours.

Blake works with with many producers. Like beats from the more classic hip-hop drenched tracks of Mecs-Treem (Berlin, Germany) reminiscent of the so-called Golden Era of the 90's. Also Sven Ludwig (Köln, Germany) and Cox in Hell Studio's (Nice, France)as well as Clintwood (Hamburg, Germany) who he has worked together with on his album "The Beast WIthin" to bring Dub-Step-like pieces within the elements of hip-hop.

Next Level

Without any fear of mixing styles, Blake sings with a variety of voices which bring theatrical tones to the music.
After numerous collaborations with other artists, several years of touring and doing radio shows, he is stepping back and looking at where to go next in production.
Constant work in music has prevented him to look over his ideas and compostitions he has had over the past few years.

"I have been constantly writing and using my dictaphone as long as I can remember, but these days I strongly feel that I have to look back upon the last few years.
I have been heavily overbooked with collaborations and in turn, I think I have actually neglected a part of my creative self that yearns to be heard"

Past Works

In the early years of Blake's productions, he wrote and composed hundreds of songs and released 4 albums and got awarded for best music on a TV series from only one keyboard and one computer he got from a garage sale that would only allow him to use 16 midi tracks (no audio).
As of recently, he has remastered his works and is now releasing them again through his website.