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From beginners to top A-listers, every single screenwriter has suffered from writers block. They are faced with the daunting white page of emptiness. Even after a good run of a scene, sometimes months can go by without figuring out where to go next. Enter ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer), the artificial intelligence superstar of 2022 and all-around writing assistant to help you with any ideas you may be struggling with. Chat GPT is can make the process of getting through those depressing blockages more manageable. As a cutting-edge chatbot capable of producing text that tries to mimic human speech and in many cases can. ChatGPT can be an invaluable tool for screenwriters depending on how it is used. In this article, you will see how to leverage ChatGPT's capabilities to overcome the challenges of writing a screenplay. Whether you need help brainstorming concepts, outlining your ideas, or fleshing out a complete script, ChatGPT can be a reliable partner that can help you realize your vision for your book or script.

Top 3 Ways ChatGPT Assists Storytellers

  1. Establishing the story: Make the outline of what you wish to convey. Where does the story take place? Who are the central characters? What is the conflict or dilemma?

  2. Consulting: Input a prompt to ChatGPT that aligns with your idea/narrative. For instance, you might request, "Draft a screenplay that follows a young mans struggling to make it in Hollywood.”

  3. Revisions & Modifications: Review the generated screenplay carefully and make the adjustments to improve your story, dialogue, and even actions or locations. ChatGPT can also provide you with suggestions, new ideas and even alternative scenes that can take the story to new heights.

A Useful Tip Consider ChatGPT as a launching point rather than a definitive resolution. While its generated content can be useful, it's crucial to scrutinize and modify the output to ensure it aligns with your preferences. When communicating with ChatGPT, it is important to provide specific prompts with as much detail as possible to help it understand your vision better.

The Various Components Of A Story That ChatGPT Assists With:

  1. A brief summary of the storyline.

  2. Depictions of characters

  3. The driving force of each character.

  4. The details of locations

  5. The actions in each scene.

  6. Conversations between characters.

  7. Depictions of the environment and its impact on the story.

  8. Challenges and confrontations that generate suspense or drama.

  9. Development in character traits that change over the course of the story.

  10. Messages, motifs, or subjects conveyed in the story.

  11. Links between various scenes to maintain the flow of the story.

  12. Depictions of physical movements or fight scenes.

  13. Use of humor or comic timing in the storytelling.

  14. Moments intended to elicit strong emotional reactions from the audience.

  15. Hints or indications of future events in the story.

  16. The general tone and atmosphere of the story.

  17. Rhythm and organization of the story to keep the audience engaged.

  18. Depictions of the visual aspects of the scenes.

  19. Audio-related cues, such as music or sound effects.

  20. The final outcome of the story and how it resolves.


Leveraging the power of ChatGPT to craft your screenplay can prove to be a game-changer that saves you loads of time and energy. It has proven to generate fresh and innovative concepts. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned screenwriter or a novice taking your first steps, with ChatGPT by your side, writer's block can be a thing of the past, and you can enjoy a seamless, productive screenwriting experience.

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Writing your story should not have to be difficult. That is why Screenwriting Apps are available to help scriptwriters meet the strict format guidelines of the industry without having to manually format your script to industry standards.

There are many screenwriting programs available on the market today and most of them fail at the lack of stability or overwhelming learning curve due to an excess of options. To help you go from the dreaded blank page to a full script, I ranked and reviewed the best free and easy-to-use screenwriting software we have used at the Mobile Film Academy.

Each app offers keyboard shortcuts to add action, dialogue, slug lines, scene headings, transitions, parentheticals, character names, and more. They will help you compose, edit, format, and print your script to meet the minimal requirements for film, television, or even video games.

It is one of the few highly praised screenwriting software tools available today and is widely used in the film industry. Fade In is compatible with multiple platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS.

Fade In is one of the most affordable screenwriting apps on the market offering pro features such as support for multiple languages, an action-to-dialogue calculator, collaboration, and a well-rounded functionality for rewrites and revisions. In fact, it is one of the direct rivals of the number one paid app, Final Draft.

The demo version is free and offers basic viewing and editing functionality for reading and writing unlimited pages on the go, but doesn’t provide the full range of features available in the paid version and has a watermark on .pdf exports plus printed scripts. As of now, Fade In has the most reasonable rate on the market and a distinct advantage being that all its software updates in the future are free.

Best for

Seamless integration between your thoughts and the writing program. Professional, reliable, and used by major motion picture screenwriters in the film industry.


  • Universal, state-of-the-art application interface.

  • Automatic script formatting.

  • Autocomplete typing feature (suggest words as you type).

  • Page-only, no distractions, full-screen mode available.

  • Support multiple file formats (text, HTML, and more).

  • Provides complete image support (allows you to insert images directly into the document).

  • Offers cloud storage service* (easy access from any location).

  • Offers real-time collaboration* (you can work on projects with multiple collaborators from remote locations).

  • Free software updates.


  • Some compatibility issues with import/export into and from other apps.

  • The free version comes with the company watermark.

Price: Free/*$79.95

Compatibility: Apple, Windows, iOS, and Android

Many users claim that KIT Scenarist is one of the best screenwriting software tools currently available in the market. It offers one of the most exceptional fully packed scriptwriting experiences from its research module to its statistics chart.

The best part is that it is free and open-source software that provides a very high degree of customizing. It is used by more than 3,000 authors worldwide and keeps up with the latest technology by providing updates nearly every month.

If you want to use cloud services, you will need to subscribe to a paid plan. The first 30-day free trial is free, so you can test the cloud services with its collaboration, as well as seamless synchronization of projects between all devices.

Best for

High-level scriptwriting workflows such as features, series, and video games. Many levels of organized structure and statistical analysis.


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac (free). Android and iOS (subscription)

  • All-in-one research module (collecting information, managing lists of characters, and storing a variety of materials including images)

  • Card module (build story development and provide visualizations to work with)

  • Rich formatting tool with script editor so that you can concentrate only on writing

  • Many language options

  • Export scripts in multiple formats (.Pdf, Final Draft, Fountain, and .Docx)

  • Multiple themes (dark or light)

  • A variety of statistical tools

  • Fully integrated character and set management


  • Online collaboration with multiple users is possible but at a subscription fee.

  • Cloud service use is a paid feature, after an initial 30-day free use

  • Android and iOS compatibility only via paid subscription.

Price: Free / **$3.99 to *$4.99 a month for cloud/collaboration service

Compatibility: Apple, Windows, (iOS** & Android** with one time purchase $3.99)

This is a 100% free open-source screenwriting app for macOS only. It’s simple, elegant, and minimalistic. In many ways, it’s similar to Slugline. Beat was created by a Finnish screenwriter who designed it to let writers concentrate strictly on writing. Beat has a minimalist, distraction-free user interface, and automatically formats your script without special commands.

Best for

Run and gun scriptwriters who want to just write. Free flow ideas from thought to script with ease.


  • Outline view and scene cards to reorganize your scenes with dragging & dropping.

  • Elements such as scene headings and dialogue are automatically recognized, full with autocomplete based on previously entered material.

  • Automatic scene numbering, lock, and edit. Scene numbering is started from any number.

  • A timeline that allows you to keep track of where you are in your story (sections, synopses, and scene colors).

  • Scene filtering by location, color, or name. Highlight scenes that feature a certain character.

  • Highlight Changes. When printing or exporting a new version of your screenplay, you can easily include markers to track changes since the last version.

  • Script analysis tool gives insight into who has the most lines, number of interior/exterior scenes, and also calculates the distribution of lines within genders.

  • Read files created by Final Draft, Highland, Fade In, and older versions of Celtx.

  • Export and import Final Draft files. Fountain files can be opened in apps such as Slugline, Logline, Storyboarder, and Highland. Some writers have already collaborated using Beat and Final Draft.


  • No Collaboration

  • No Cloud Service

  • Only available for macOS

Price: Free (open source) Compatibility: Apple Website:

Tip: Remember to always check your spelling, grammar, and always keep a couple of back-ups of your documents just in case.

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If you landed on this page it's not by accident. This year has changed many people's lives, including mine. Now, I have revamped my website to share with you everything that I have before this point held to myself. Everything I have created the last 5 years I will now share with you. The Process of developing my ideas, mapping them out, writing, planning, equipment, teams, production, post-production, online promotion, festival submissions, and getting valuable contacts.

What will be new?

Members of my website will now be able to follow each other, write and reply to comments, and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize. Not to mention several masterclasses will be available for download later this fall/winter (members get a discount).

Why be a member?

Members of my website will participate in group courses. They will get discounts, and up to date information on upcoming live streaming events and even online movie screenings.

When will all this be available?

Now. My web development team is working hard to make sure the experience runs smoothly.

Subscribe now and stay up to date with all the new content and products to come.

Sincerely, Blake Worrell

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