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We all watch films and series.  Whether it's for entertainment or inspiration, it’s the screenwriter who keeps us engaged throughout the film by crafting a compelling story that involves us emotionally.  If you want to be a storyteller, this course will teach you how to write engaging screenplays to keep your audience captivated.


In storytelling, there are many ways to express yourself. Each individual has their own sensitivity to how they see the world, their own personal imagination, and experience. We will explore the different approaches to writing (Aaron Sorkin, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, etc.) so that you can find your true voice.  No matter the approach they all agree in one point: your writing should be personal to you and honest.


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Whether you are already working on a script or are completely new to screenwriting, you will have to write a certain number of pages a week.  I will give suggestions for those who may need an idea on any certain subject or premise. 

You will learn to:


• Get familiar with the genres, brainstorming, and structure.


• Create story maps, plots, three-act structure, and dramatic build.
• Format screenplays, define scenes, create meaty dialogue.

• Create strong multi-layer characters with arcs.

• Represent and pitch to directors and producers effectively.


Below are the minimum requirements to take this course (software is free).  In addition, there are other options (paid).

Minimum Hardware:
• Computer or smartphone

Minimum Software:
• Celtx
(for smartphone)

• FadeIn (for computer)

Additional Hardware:

• Apple Computer (10.12 Sierra and above)

• PC Computer (Windows 10)

Additional Software:

• Final Draft 10 or above

• Highland 2 (For Apple only)

Note:  During the course, you will be recommended other apps based on your equipment and skill progression.



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