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Since 2016, smartphones have the capability to shoot high-quality video that meets today's cinema and TV standards.  Technology has reached such a high level, that you can create awesome cinematic movies with just your phone.


Like a painter who must learn colors and brushes to obtain the freedom to fully express themselves through their art, you must learn to understand your mobile-phone as a film-camera so that you can express your artistic view.  I will teach you to use your mobile to its full potential.  From the wonderful apps that have been created for it, as well as the extra hardware (purchasing recommendations and DIY).  Once you understand the technical side of your camera we will move into the use of composition, light, movement, and sound.


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As I intend to shift your perception of how you view your phone, there will be weekly assignments that include creating montages, commercial spots, and short films.

You will learn to:

• Get familiar with the most professional filmmaking apps.

• Learn to create storyboards without any prior experience.

• The importance of sound.

• Master cinematic compositions.

• Edit like a pro.


Below are the minimum requirements to take this course.  In addition, there are also suggested requirements included which offer the potential to take full advantage of the program.

Minimum Hardware:
• Smartphone
(iPad/Tablets optional) with a functional camera

Minimum Software:
• Built-in factory camera app

• InShot (For Android and iOS 11.0 or later)

Additional Hardware:

• Apple Computer (10.12 Sierra and above)

• PC Computer (Windows 10)

Additional Software:

• FilmicPro (For Android and iOS 11.1 or later)

• Lumafusion (iOS 13.3 or later)

Note:  During the course, you will be recommended other apps based on your equipment and skill progression.


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